Evolutionary and Taxonomic Diversity of Marine Invertebrates

Course description:
The in-campus intro provides a quick dive into the topic and all the necessary basic knowledge.
The fieldwork on the White Sea is a core part of the course. By attending this course you will:
• obtain deep understanding of current views on Tree of Life and invertebrates’ evolution;
• build solid knowledge of invertebrate biodiversity, from phyla to species level;
• understand how marine communities are structured and function;
• master all methods related to sample collection, processing and analysis;
• specifically focus on invertebrate fauna in Arctic seas through fieldwork on the White Sea.

4 weeks

1 – 26 August 2016

Course language

Target Audience
Biology MSc and PhD students who are motivated to better understand invertebrates biodiversity.

Maximum number of participants

Saint Petersburg State University & White Sea Biological Station (Russia)

Course organiser
Saint Petersburg State University.
The course is a part of the collaborative project between St. Petersburg State University, University of Tromsø, The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) and White Sea Biological Station «Kartesh» (Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Science) supported by a grant from SiU.

Dr Natalia Shunatova, Dr Sergei Korsun, Dr Daria Krupenko, Ms Yuta Tamberg - Saint Petersburg State University

Registration fee
Transport, accommodation and living expenses should be covered by participants.

Registration deadline
31 January2016 - prolonged

All expenses for students from Norway are covered by SiUprojectCPRU/10007.
Five DAAD scholarships covering all the expences related to the course are available for students from Germany.

Additional course information and registration form can be found HERE

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